Count down to Colombia!

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Yesterday I looked at the calendar and was struck by the fact that my trip to Colombia is only ONE MONTH away!  I have been having so much fun “virtually” traveling to Europe, Africa and Asia with my fellow Teachers for Global classroom that I almost forgot, that I too will be setting of on one of my own very shortly!

I have learned more details about my trip. I will be in Bogota for 6 days, followed by 10 days in the town of Armenia, the provincial capital of the Quinido Department–part of the “Zona Cafeteria”, –coffee country!  I, along with Ryan Linton, an elementary ESL teacher from Nevada are lucky enough to be working with  a fantastic Colombian educator –Nancy Echeverri.  We are in the process right now of working out the schedule of our time together.

Suddenly I have a very long list of things to do. One of these is to create a presentation about my local school community to share with the teachers and students of Armenia, Colombia.

Question for kids: What do you think I should tell the students of Armenia about our school? About Whitefish Bay? About Wisconsin? Any and all ideas are welcome! Thank you!




4 thoughts on “Count down to Colombia!

  1. Vena

    Hi Mrs. Wilkinson, I visited the Czech Republic School (counting 20 kids through 1-5 grade) and I told them about my school in Whitefish Bay too. I was telling about the Cumberland Elementary school. There was 4 second graders in my old school. I was telling about when I started in the school, what we do in our school, how many kids are there, how we have almost every recess outside. I also went to my cousin’s school. I had a lot of fun. Enjoy your trip!


    • Jennifer Wilkinson

      Vena–I am so glad that you were able to go and visit your old school in the Czech Republic. I am sure that the kids there were so happy to learn about Cumberland School. I am curious, what questions did they ask you?


  2. Mikael

    Dear Mrs. Wilkinson, one thing I think you should say is that we had 22 kids in our classroom. We wrote books and you read some to us. We speak English but we learn Spanish, too. I hope your Columbian students have fun learning English! My class will now be in third grade because we were just in second grade.We did spelling and math homework almost every day. In Spanish class we learn how to say words and how to spell them.

    We like to play outside and have fun. The boys like to play tag where a tree is where you go when you get tagged. We call it lockup. The girls like to play Spirit Animals. My favorite sport is hockey. It is a game where you ice skate and play with a stick and a rubber puck that you try to shoot into a goal.

    What is the name of the school that you will be going to in Columbia?

    I hope you have fun on your trip.


    • Jennifer Wilkinson

      Dear Mikael,

      I cannot thank you enough for these GREAT suggestions! I never would have thought to share the games that you guys play at recess! I think that the kids in Colombia will love learning about that. I am not sure of the name the school that I will be visiting. As soon as I know more, I will post it on my blog. I wonder if the kids in Colombia learn English the same way that you learn Spanish! It will be so neat to find out!


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