From Virtual to Reality!

img_3702-1Students from my 2nd grade class last year will recognize Mrs. Mlod from the Flipgrid video exchanges and mystery Skype sessions that we did with one of her 2nd grade library classes last year. Anne Mlod is the school librarian at Genesee School in Auburn, New York. She is also a fellow Teachers For Global classrooms alumni. As part of the fellowship we took an online class together and met briefly at a symposium in Washington DC– but other than that our only connection has been digital! A 21st century friendship! Anne is also the person who shared Information  about the grant from the Qatar foundation that made this trip possible! (THANK YOU ANNE!) Today I finally got to switch from virtual to “real” with her when we met at the train station in Casablanca!

Here are some pictures from my day:


1. The train ride from Casablanca to Marrakech was supposed to take three hours– it felt like ten– this may have had something to do with the air conditioning working less and less the closer we got Marrakech. When  we got off of the train I understood why –it was hot, really hot. It was 112°. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere that hot. It was wonderful to get to the hotel — where there was air conditioning and a pool– and get on with the rest of my first day in Marrakesh.


1. Moroccon mint tea– sweet, hot and delicious!

Our hotel- in case you can’t tell it is FANCY!!
The DJemaa El-Fna market– SO MANY PEOPLE!


Question for kids: what is your favorite picture my the day? Why?

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