Morocco Bound

I feel so fortunate to have received a grant from the Qatar Foundation that is allowing me to attend, what is sure to be the most incredible conference that I have ever been to as a teacher. This is the iEARN Global Education Conference which will be held in Marrakech, Morocco next week. This year I was able to get an Alumni grant from the Teacher’s For Global Classroom’s program that I participated in last year. I used the funds to get an iEARN membership for our entire school building, and to conduct and inservice for a representative from each grade level in our school to help them navigate and use this incredible resource for global collaboration.  It connects teachers from around the world  to work on projects as simple as sharing “a day in the life” of their respective schools, to creating digital museums of up cycled products. This conference will give me a chance to better understand how to use this platform, and even more importantly, help to make connections and relationships with teachers from around the world. I have invited the 2nd graders that I just said goodbye to in June, as well as my current summer school class, to follow me on my trip. I will be making blog posts daily, and will include a “question for kids” at the bottom of each post. I encourage any of these kids’ adults who may be reading this, to share their child’s  questions. Answering them is sure to be the best part of my trip! So here is my first

QUESTION FOR KIDS:  If I meet some kids when I am in Morocco, what should I tell them about Whitefish Bay? 

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